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Cannabis Research Possible Alternatives for a Cure for Cancer

CBD Cannabis research is associated with relieving the symptoms associated with Cancer, and new research is suggesting that there could be healing properties useful in Cancer treatments.

Cannabis research has come a long way in the United States, but many states oppose the legalization of this schedule 1 controlled substance. Research has shown Cannabis to be effective in helping ease seizures. Be helpful in Cancer treatment, and even remove the effects of migraines. The health benefits of Cannabis are positively promoted, with the United States just now coming around to acknowledge these health results.

Cannabis has always been effective in suppressing a lot of the adverse side effects of chemo treatment, but now medical professionals are testing cannabis’s efficacy with cancer treatment. All of these experiments are still in their trial phases, but it is interesting to see an alternative treatment for Cancer presenting itself. These trials currently include lab mice and the effect of cannabis on the size of tumors found in their bodies. There has been some encouragement with the possibility of cannabis shrinking cancer cells, but it is too early in the study to say for sure.

These experiments on Cannabis will test for other properties of this drug, other than just suppression of chemo side effects in these new studies. It is an exciting approach considering that cancer and cannabis have been used together for so long in the treatment of critically ill patients. It is almost surprising that, in all the years of its usage, this drug was not tested for any effect against curing cancer. The road is going to be long until they complete the experiments with mice, and then there will be human clinical trials performed. However, it is exciting that there could be a natural alternative to cure cancer. Only time and more research will tell whether cannabis will be a feasible option.

It is not proven by the FDA, yet many feel the side effects of Cannabis and CBD oils are much less than the drugs given that may not help you with keep food down after chemo. There may very well be more to this than we all understand, yet big Pharma is making a fortune off of Cancer drugs, and this is not as profitable. We suggest following the protocols your team of doctors has outlined for you, but you may want to consider these as extra little helpers to help ease the pain and increase your appetite.

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