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Cannabis Research

Cannabis Research Might Support Marijuana as Possible Treatment for Cancer

Cannabis research has been a hot-button issue over the last several decades, especially with many states in the United States seeking to legalize this drug. Marijuana has been used medically to help patients suppress the adverse effects of chemotherapy treatment, but this drug has never been tested to see its effects on treating cancer. With new trials in place, cannabis research has shown some promising results in the reduction of tumors in experimental usage. These results give the medical field hope that there might be an alternative solution to treating certain types of cancer.

Cannabis Research

Cannabis research is one of the most controversial drugs to be used in medicine, but it seems as though many medical professionals are rallying behind the healing properties of this drug. In a current study involving lab rats and mice, cannabis is being used to see its preventive effects on tumor size. Cannabinoids are the chemical compound that is useful in medical treatments, and these experiments with mice are testing their efficacy. The experiments have just begun, but already it seems as though cannabinoids are going to be useful in the fight against cancer.

This Cannabis research for cancer treatment is a long process that is starting slowly. In fact, in the majority of states in the United States marijuana is not legal and won’t be for several more years. Some states are even struggling to try to get medicinal marijuana approved for usage. Hopefully, with this new experimentation with mice and rats, the medical community will begin to push for legalization of cannabis for treatment in every area of the country. This new treatment with marijuana would be an attractive alternative to traditional pharmaceuticals used in the quest to battle cancer.

Cannabis research has a long way to go, but it does seem as though this drug is going to be useful in the fight against cancer. It will take human clinical trials before cannabis gets the attention that it truly deserves, but patients and medical professionals are very hopeful about the future of cancer treatment.

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