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Can Clinical Trials be Dangerous? Millenials Listen up!

Ever hear an add on the radio or TV telling you-you can make thousands of dollars. All by being involved in a clinical trial. What are the dangers of being part of the clinical trial? So let’s take these clinical trials, under the microscope and see what we find out. Let’s see what the risks are versus the rewards.

The bottom line is for them to find out if something works on human beings rather than on animals or lab rats they first have to test people that are you willing to be test subjects. If you are ready to take that trial and the first thing you want to make sure that it’s legit you can visit the site online will give you the most up-to-date information on what’s real and what you should avoid At least that’s what the site claims you ultimately need to be the judge. Understand one thing that to be part of the clinical trial you will be signing documents releasing them of anything legally that may cause you harm you, so you do your research well.

So let’s be clear this is not a get rich quick scheme most trials pay anywhere from $50 to save $5000 and will take a lot of commitment and time and energy. So when you see those ads about how you can make real money on a clinical trial maybe you might want to think twice one clinical trial we saw a snapshot of paid less than $2500 for almost two years of treatments. If on the other hand you’re faced with an ailment that may be terminal and be at end-of-life stages it may be something to consider.

Not to sound morbid in any way but if I was told I had only a few months to live and I could be part of the trial that would extend my life I might certainly reconsider. So I guess the important thing to ask oneself is are you doing it for the money because 2500 for two years work would barely cover your expenses to and from the treatment center. Or are you facing a life-and-death situation or maybe this trial might make a difference and give you that life extension you need.

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