Calcium supplements

Calcium Supplements Jeopardize Heart Health!

Calcium supplements have been taken for decades by people trying to improve their health, but these pills are proving to have an adverse effect on the body. Everyone, especially women, is encouraged to take calcium supplements as they get older to strengthen their bones and fight against osteoporosis. However, in recent studies, it is found that these calcium supplements are having a negative effect on the heart.

Calcium supplements can be found at any retail store because they are commonly purchased and taken to maintain a certain level of health. However, doctors find that individuals should focus on consuming more calcium rich foods versus taking pills. Many people are overtaking calcium, and this puts an excess calcium in the body which is hard on the heart. Almost half of American adults take a supplement that has calcium in it. This extra calcium in the body assists in the process of calcification of arteries, and this is a risk factor for the heart.

Calcium supplements

might not be the best thing to take, but eating calcium rich foods proves beneficial. These foods protect the heart, and also improve the amount of calcium that is present in the body. Those interested in upping their calcium intake can eat broccoli, beans, oranges, or dairy products. Supplements are harsher on the body because they have calcium salts that the body cannot naturally process. By choosing to eat calcium rich foods, it is a positive way to increase calcium in the body.

Calcium supplements are a hot topic right now because natural health is at the forefront of everyone’s minds. Those that want to maintain the peak of physical fitness should look for natural ways to incorporate vitamins into their bodies versus the use of supplements. The problem with calcium is only one issue with supplements, but there are sure to be more in the coming years.

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