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Blue Origin

Blue Origin Space Capsules Astounds Viewers in Practice Drill

Blue Origin is in the works to fly people to outer space, and with this latest test it looks like these flights could be a real option in the future. There is a private spaceflight company, ran by Jeff Bezos the original founder of Amazon.com. The newest test that Blue Origin participated in was an escape test. The test went just as planned and blue origin excelled.

The purpose of Blue Origin’s tests and spaceship creations are to fly people back and forth to space for scientific experiments. The “New Shepard” is the spaceship that the crew would be flying on when they left the atmosphere of Earth. In this most recent test, the New Shepard launched in Texas and after being in flight the capsule aborted the flight and fell from the spaceship. This test is important because if something serious happens onboard and there is a crisis, it is important that this capsule separates itself from the spaceship for the safety of the crew and mission.

Blue Origin has tested this system many times, going all the way back to 2012. However, this new test run was the most difficult and New Shepard completely excelled through all of the trial. This capsule landed with parachutes lightly in the desert, exactly as planned. This is a surprise for Bezos because he expected the whole capsule to go up in flames. However, everything went as it was supposed to go and the capsule safely made it to the ground.

This new test is the fifth for New Shepard and it will be the last. This is the only boosted that has actually successfully landed after a space mission. Decades ago it wasn’t thought possible that a private company could build any kind of space craft that would successfully make it to and from space. However, in 2016 it seems as though anything is possible, and within the next few years there will probably be more private companies following suit.

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