Do Brain Enhancing Pills Work?

Do Brain Enhancing Pills Work (2)

This question is being asked by many people much more frequently as the number of products claiming to enhance brain function has skyrocketed in the last few years. Ever since the movie “Limitless” starring Bradley Cooper came out, people have been wondering if there is a pill that can make …

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Five Foods That Will Kill You

5 foods that will kill you 2

Most people in the world whether they know it or not, have at least one thing that they are allergic to. While most will cause slightly annoying symptom such as watery eyes, upset stomachs or runny noses, however, there are more than five million people in the United States alone …

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Cancun’s Top Three Resort Restaurants Revealed

Cancun has long been a hotspot for international travelers due to its beautiful beaches and warm tropical waters. However, lately, it is an up and coming destination for those travelers who consider themselves as “foodies.” Here are several options that we have compiled that are consistent front-runners when it comes …

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Top 3 Reasons to Try Sport Fishing in Cabo San Lucas

Top 3 Reasons to Try Sport Fishing in Cabo San Lucas (4)

From the most fish varieties to fantastic views, travel experts all agree there is no better place to try sports fishing this September than Los Cabos. When traveling to the gorgeous Baja Peninsula, vacationers face one of the most envious issues: an overabundance of activities from which to choose. Vacationers …

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