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Black Rifle Coffee Company is the Answer to Starbucks’ Ridiculousness

In January 2017, Starbucks angered many conservatives when they released an official statement announcing that they would actively be hiring refugees. This decision also quickly resulted in an unforeseen social media backlash. The morning after the announcement, Fortune magazine reported that #BoycottStarbucks was among the highest trending topics on Twitter. Responses included “What about homeless Americans?” and other comments of that nature.

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Courtesy of Black Rifle Coffee Company Facebook Page

Again, in April 2018, Starbucks had to answer for the fact that employees had two African American men arrested in a Philadelphia store for allegedly trespassing. Although the men claimed they were there on business and waiting for a friend, according to The New York Times, employees had them arrested anyways. The company once again found itself at the center of public outrage for the racial profiling of the customers. After a private settlement and another public apology, the coffeehouse chain closed more than 8,000 stores simultaneously for tolerance training of its employees, which was not enough when considering their latest scandal.

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