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Black Rifle Coffee Company is the Answer to Starbucks’ Ridiculousness

First, just a week ago in Tempe, Arizona, a barista at one of their locations made a regrettable decision when a customer at that location explained to the employee that she felt “uncomfortable” due to the presence of six uniformed policemen who were purchasing coffees and having a simple conversation. As a side note, this incident happened on the 4th of July, and some of the policemen were also veterans of military service.


Courtesy of Black Rifle Coffee Company Facebook Page

Rather than show respect for those in uniform whose job it is to protect us and keep the peace, this Starbucks employee chose to ask the officers to leave or at least get outof the customer’s line of sight. The police officers left the establishment without incident, a spokesperson from the police department said that Starbucks had acknowledged the mistake and apologized, but many of its former customers are still enraged, with a resurgence of #BoycottStarbucks gaining momentum on social media sites every day.

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