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Black Rifle Coffee

Black Rifle Coffee Company is the Answer to Starbucks’ Ridiculousness

Rather than call for a boycott like many other individuals and companies have been doing for the past week, Black Rifle Coffee Company is choosing to donate a sizable amount of coffee directly to the Tempe Police Department. Also, at any current and future, Black Rifle Coffee Company retail locations, the company has made it abundantly clear that members of law enforcement will always be welcome. The CEO also noted that anyone who chooses to complain about them would be shown the door.

Black Rifle company

Courtesy of Black Rifle Coffee Company Facebook Page

Starbucks, the coffeehouse company that has over 14000 stores across the United States, in addition to an even more significant number worldwide, has been experiencing severe publicity issues over the past few years. And tolerance training for their employees does not seem to be working. So what are the significant issues leaving Starbucks scrambling to do massive damage control? Well, let’s take a quick look at the three major controversies they have faced in the last three years.

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