Grand Solmar Timeshare prides itself on offering the type of vacation experience travelers will remember. Spending time in top of the line accommodations steeped in luxury, as well as enjoying the variety of amenities available on the property (swimming pools, spas, dining, recreational activities and more) that await all those who choose to spend their time at this decadent resort.

Grand Solmar Timeshare knows travelers in the midst of planning a last minute summer trip are in search of a destination that offers a variety of fun things to do. With all of the above mentioned amenities available here, travelers don’t even have to leave the resort to have both an exciting or relaxing time. Here are some of the best things to do while spending time at Grand Solmar Timeshare this summer.

1.    Hang Out at The Pool(s): Grand Solmar Timeshare offers a variety of different amenities at their resorts, and one of them is the many on-site swimming pools travelers can choose between during their stay. Summer is the season for swimming, so gather around in order to enjoy all of the many sunshine rays Cabo San Lucas is known for.

2.    Delicious Dining: There are many decadent restaurants available for travelers to enjoy at Grand Solmar Timeshare, and one of the best things about vacationing to Mexico is enjoying the delicious and authentic cuisine found in the area. Be sure to stop by any of eateries found at this resort for fresh and exotic dishes that aren’t quite like anything travelers can find back home. And the best way to top it off? Dessert! Summer calls for cool or sweet treats, so be sure to stick around for dessert.

3.    The Spa: Grand Solmar Timeshare knows many travelers on their trips need to set aside time for relaxing. One of the best ways to do so is getting a treatment at the Land’s End Spa. Whether getting a massage, a facial or something more unique to the spa’s own program, there is a way for anyone to unwind here.

The time is now. Planning a vacation to Cabo San Lucas has never been easier, and neither has enjoying all of the beautiful scenery Mexico has to offer. For all those hoping to have the best vacation possible, spending time at Grand Solmar Timeshare certainly won’t turn out to be a disappointment. For more helpful vacation planning information as well as some tips and guidelines for visiting Cabo San Lucas this summer, visit Grand Solmar Timeshare online at