Best Vegan Detox Juice and Tea Diets (1)

Best Vegan Detox Juice and Tea Diets

Vegan detox juice diets

If you’re about to start your detox period, you should ensure that your juice is nutritious as it performs its primary goal of cleansing your body. The juice that is ideally suited for the job is green juice. So how does one prepare green juice? It’s quite simple really.

The ingredients you may need are a couple of green fruits including three large green apples, 200 grams of fresh kale, half an English cucumber, about 25 g of fresh spinach and half a small lemon. Now that you have all the ingredients let’s get started.

Best Vegan Detox Juice and Tea Diets (4)

So first, wash all the ingredients and cut them into smaller pieces so that they can fit inside the juicer chute. Leave the lemon and juice the rest of the ingredients. Try the juice once it’s done and add the lemon to add taste.

Once you are done, you could drink the juice fresh or store it in a glass container and cover it with a lid. The juice can be stored for 48 hours in the fridge. The benefits of green juice are plenty. It contains antioxidants and also helps in maintaining healthy skin.

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