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Best Poke Recipes for Summer 2020

Best Poke Recipes can be as simple as going to the local grocer and buying a plastic container and just having it like that. Just right out of the tub or put it on a plate.

Now everyone is looking for a kicked-up version that is tasty and healthy at the same time.

For any Vegans out there, we have a great substitute that will give you all the protein you need.


preparing meal


The first thing is to get the Poke.

Poke is Ahi Tuna that is cut into tiny cubes. The better quality the Ahi, the better the Poke. So if you can buy some already prepared great if not no worries, just buy the amount you need to cut into small square pieces.


mixed cucumber and avokado


We here at the TotesNewsworthy Kitchen use different methods. Some will be straight Poke other will be seared Tuna, yet both prepared the same way.


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