Best Place to Travel 2019 (8-1)

Best Place to Travel 2019

9. Phuket

Situated in the south of Thailand, Phuket has got something for everyone. If you are traveling on a tight budget, Phuket would be the perfect place to visit. Whether you are looking for accommodation, boat tours, or to spend a day at the spa, rest assured you’ll be comfortable with the price tag. Get to revel in the scenic views of the limestone cliffs in Phang Nga Bay or take a relaxing dip in the clear waters of the Phi Phi islands. If that is not enough fun for you, you can always visit the iconic Wat Chalong Temple or catch a glimpse of the Big Buddha.

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10. Dubai

There is so much to do in Dubai. Stunning views of the Persian Gulf, historical monuments and numerous fun adventures await in this amazing Middle Eastern city. The Dubai skyline is one of the most spectacular you’ll get to experience in the world. Modern architectural marvels like the Burj Khalifa, Burj al Arab, and Radisson Royal Hotel make sure Dubai is a top tourist destination. Not to mention the exquisite Dubai mall and indoor Ski Dubai. Despite all these modern-day marvels, the city still maintains its heritage as portrayed in the Bastakiya Quarter as well as traditional gold, spice souks.

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11. Argentine Patagonia

If you consider yourself an avid adventurer, then Argentine Patagonia is the perfect match for you. The south of Patagonia boasts otherworldly landscapes with endangered animal species like the Magellanic penguins roaming the Peninsula Valdes. Another attraction you can’t miss out on is the Perito Moreno, part of the only glaciers in this world that is growing and not shrinking.

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12. Hong Kong

Hong Kong has an impressive skyline that is characterized by architectural wonders in towering skyscrapers that will leave you in awe. Get to sample the local cuisine in the frenzied street markets and find peace in Nan Lian Garden or the charming Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade. You can also catch a ferry to Lantau Island which hosts a Buddhist monastery, Disneyland outpost, and the city’s longest beach.
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