Best Nutritional Trend for 2021

Best Nutritional Trend for 2021 is Home Grown Sprouts

Most sprouts have a short growing time, many being ready for harvest within 5 to 10 days. Sprouting kits are also relatively inexpensive, and the more popular sprout seeds such as mung, pea, and assorted beans are easily found in most grocery sources or purchased online. So not only are sprouted micro greens easy and affordable, but the health benefits are also outstanding.


hands plant sprouts seeds in containers


Due to their high levels of nutrients and very low sugar and carbohydrate levels, sprouts are highly recommended for helping people with diabetes control their blood sugar levels. Also, the presence of certain enzymes helps the body break down other pre-existing carbohydrates in the body, which encourages improved digestive health. Another significant health benefit to consuming sprouts is an increase in fiber. Since much of the fiber derived from spouts is considered insoluble, that means it won’t dissolve in your stomach. This is a good thing. It means that the fiber will make it to your intestines and act as a prebiotic or the “good” bacteria that promote a stable digestive system.


Fresh organic sprouts in a plastic container


So if your New year’s resolution includes eating healthier and improving your health, growing and consuming sprouts is an easy solution. This quick and easy short cut to home gardening satisfies the need for nutritious ingredients suitable for everything from smoothies to salads. It can be substituted whenever full grown greens are called for in a recipe.

For more information please visit Plant-Based Lifestyle Eating.

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