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Best food Hack to Chop an Onion without Tears

Have you ever tried to chop that onion? Then find yourself crying like a baby.  Well with this handy food hack you can stop shedding those tears.  The trick is, place the onion in the freezer for about 15 minutes, no longer. Otherwise, the onion will freeze making it mushy and not very tasty. So after 15 minutes take the onion out of the freezer and start peeling it and chop it to the desired consistency you are looking for.

What putting it in the freezer does is reduce the amount of sulfur that will come out of the onion. By putting the onion in the freezer and chopping it directly after that just reduces the release of the sulfur and making chopping not so tearful anymore. This is such great food hack.


Another great little hack if you want to extend the life of bananas this is a really cool trick just take some plastic wrap and wrap the stems of the bananas. Bananas, as they are picked the bananas, are cut they start to release ethylene gas this gas ripens the fruit so by wrapping the stems with some plastic wrap it will stop the release of the ethylene gas and keep your bananas lasting longer. So these couple quick hacks from the team at totesnewsworthy.com  are here to help you give you that little edge in the kitchen.

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