Hacienda Encantada now affords tourists the opportunity to undergo the ultimate Mexican spa experience, Temazcal. When staying in Baja, taking part in this therapeutic treatment can be done at the best couples resort in Los Cabos. Tourists from all over the world can get the benefits from this regional health ceremony.

The literal translation of Temazcal means house of heat, but guests of Hacienda Encantada get much more than that. This ancient practice can be traced back centuries ago to the Mayans. Traditionally, Temazcal is where folks go into a stone dwelling dug out of the earth and sit for hours in sweltering temperatures while a shaman chants and vapors swirl. Here at the best couples resort in Los Cabos though, visitors enter a chamber infused with steam and healing herbs for 90 minutes.

When planning to participate in this Mexican spa experience, guests should understand this act is spiritual in nature. Staff members at Hacienda Encantada encourage guests to be reverent and hold a deep appreciation for the process. Participants should not eat within an hour of undergoing Temazcal, but should be well hydrated. Shorts and swimsuits are recommended attire.

Many people from all walks of life can reap the benefits of this effective spa treatment offered at the best couples resort in Los Cabos. As a commitment to both the health and satisfaction of guests, Hacienda Encantada recommends some guests refrain from Temazcal: pregnant women, children under the age of 12 and anyone suffering from cardiac issues, acute diabetes, migraines, open wounds and fatigue.

Conditions such as prostate problems, bronchitis, liver issues and arthritis may be treated with this spa treatment. Improved blood circulation, clearer skin, muscle reinvigoration and stress relief are some of the positive results Temazcal participants may see at the best couples resort in Los Cabos. Guests usually leave feeling refreshed and healthy, having sweated out the body’s toxins.

Tourists can reap the rewards that come from this traditional treatment without even leaving the best couples resort in Los Cabos. Hacienda Encantada is proud to provide this spa experience that can leave guests feeling better than they thought possible. For more information, visit them online at http://www.haciendaencantada.com/