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Best 5 Tips for Items to Not Carry in your Purse or Wallet

It sometimes seems that when you look at what people carry in their purse or wallet we can go back and think of an old Seinfeld episode where George Costanza has this 3-inch wallet. The problem today is that identity theft and health care theft is on the rise. Just the other day our car was left unlocked and was rifled through. They found nothing of value just a bunch of unused napkins and junk, so I guess we were lucky. The fact is it boggles one’s mind what people leave in their vehicles and also what they carry with them. So to make it simple here are five things you can share with your friends about what not to keep in your purse or wallet.

Don’t Keep These Things In Your Wallet

#1 Social Security card, with this they will more than likely have your drivers license and now they have carte blanche (it means they can do what they want) to open all kinds accounts.

#2 Passwords so you can’t remember all your passwords then you write them on some cheat sheet then you stuff it in your wallet or purse, really think about it, just not smart plus your PIN number!

#3 Spare Keys if they have your address from your driver’s license now they know you live, can you say break in or home invasion!

#4 Passport unless you’re on your way to the airport leave it in your bank safety box along with other valuables that you might want to safeguard.

#5 Multiple Credit Cards keep one or 2 you don’t need ten plus cards imagine the field day one would have with all your cards and the pain in you know what to call all those companies and spend hours on the phone reporting the lost or stolen

Another great tip is firearms, really folks, some people leave them in the glovebox. Take them out and be responsible for their safe keeping. Next time your car gets rifled trough let them have the napkins and such but stay safe and be prepared

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