Attention Millenials: Must See Video if you want to Survive

All through lifetimes have been changing. When my parents grew up in occupied Europe in WW2, they had a life that was much tougher than mine. When I was born, they tried to make my life better and more enjoyable than theirs. As time goes by I grew up and had two boys and decided to give them more than I ever had, and so the problem begins.

Our only downfall is to love our children and provide them with a great life but is this the right thing to do. Now we have young adults entering the workforce without the support of their parents and are finding a rude awakening. What happened along the way. The cell phone addiction can now cost you more than you think.

The cell phone addiction can now cost you more than you think. We live in new times where threats that were never there are here now. So just walking down the street texting not being aware of your surroundings can be dangerous. The other day I was having dinner with my wife, and we watched a family of 5 playing on their cell phones for the entire meal, no interaction what so ever! It’s quite sad that we place more value on social media and texting than on actual real conversation like “hi how are you.” Parents don’t even speak with their children and wonder what happened. Try this take the cell phone turn it off at dinner and talk to each other. Amazing what you may find out.

Because quite frankly it is becoming a very mean and cruel world. Some of our children will be like weak Sparrows that die in the winter only with an iPhone in their hand. Times are quickly changing and not in a good way street smarts are what you need not Snapchat. Watch this video and best of luck to all of you.

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