Are Vape E-Cigarettes Dangerous to my Health (3)

Are Vape / E-Cigarettes Dangerous to my Health?

The belief that E-cigarettes are safer than cigarettes is encouraging people, especially youngsters to them. They come in various flavors and are easily available. Even there are alluring advertisements to inspire people to use them more and more even though E-cigarettes are also dangerous. They serve as original products to non-smokers who may later shift to using other tobacco products. It creates an addiction among the beginners, and they are more likely to use other tobacco products after using E-cigarettes. Studies have shown that as equaled to students who said they didn’t use e-cigarettes, students of high school using E-cigarettes last month, when asked after six months were seven times more likely to start using cigarettes.

The misconception that E-cigarettes do not pose any health risk needs to be broken. There are proved dangers of vaping. Teens are at significant risk by vaping. They are adolescents, and their brain is still developing. Nicotine, when inhaled, gets quickly absorbed in the bloodstream from the lungs. It then stimulates the adrenal gland, which in turn arouses the central nervous system and upsurges blood pressure, breathing, and heart rate. It is highly addictive, and regular vaping adversely affects the growth of the brain’s reward system.

Are Vape E-Cigarettes Dangerous to my Health (1)

E-cigarettes are dangerous in multiple forms as they contain various harmful substances. There has been an upsetting increase in the rate of cases of nicotine poisoning from e-liquid. They contain chemicals and heavy metals like lead, which gets inhaled directly into the lungs, resulting in the cause of various diseases, even cancer. The dangers of vaping are visible from the fact that even second-hand smokers are exposed to the aerosol and the chemicals of E-cigarettes. The high intake of nicotine may also result in insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes.

E-liquids filled in E-cigarettes majorly contain propylene glycol and glycerol, on vaporization convert into toxic compounds such as formaldehyde. The easy availability and flavors like fruit, candy, coffee, and chocolate have made them a preferred choice for kids. They can even order them online. This way, they get easily hooked to them. If they come in contact with skin or get swallowed, they can also poison children and adults. The only way to be safe from them is either no or proper usage of E-cigarettes. Parents must educate their children about the correct usage and harmful effects of vaping.

They should be careful as its usage in young children is skyrocketing since last few years. E-cigarettes are dangerous and can put a significant effect on health.

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  1. Omar Rodriguez

    I think the mos important is avoid any kind of cigarette, but if you are a smoker, may be the vaper is a way to help to detox.

  2. Omar Rodriguez

    If you are leaving the cigarette, the vaper may help.

  3. excellent arcticle, thanks for sharing

  4. Are Vape / E-Cigarettes Dangerous to my Health? definitely yes… The reason, manufacturers can introduce a variaty of chemicals that can create adiction easily. I´m not a regular smokers and i can´t encorage some bunch of young people to test this devices.

  5. Here’s the rhythm of a new fashion, like everything else, one day this will go out of fashion. Let us hope that the time is short, for the benefit of our young people. Thanks for the information.

  6. Definitely dangerous, but it’s a good way to quit cigarettes!

  7. Excellent information on the E-Cigarettes, I think that every cigar is harmful to our body, Tell him not to smoke

  8. People are aware of the danger, but certainly prefer them before other products with tobacco or nicotine that can be more harmful to health.

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