Apple campus death
Apple employee found dead in company conference room

Apple employee found dead in company conference room

An Apple employee was found dead in a conference room at the company headquarters in Cupertino on Wednesday morning. Sgt. Andrea Urena of the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office described the death of a male employee as an “isolated incident”.

The body was discovered after an emergency call was made about 8:35 a.m. to the Sheriff’s Office and Santa Clara County Fire Department reporting a male with a head wound at the campus at 1 Infinite Loop.

Emergency dispatch audio archived online reported that the male was bleeding from the head, and “possibly has a gun,” and was being escorted by security personnel. A few minutes later, dispatchers reported that “a body is in one of the conference rooms with a gun.” It is unclear whether those reports are describing the same instance, but both coincide with the timing of the emergency call.

The death occurred one day after the company reported that quarterly revenue fell 13 percent from a year ago, with sales dropping from the previous year for the first time in 13 years.

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