All You Need To Know About Earth Connections

All You Need To Know About Earth Connections

While a person may not be able to literally hold the whole world in the palm of their hands, they can be in touch with the world using their feet.  Similar to a comprehensive switchboard, a person’s feet act as a form of the microsystem.  Composed of thousands of nerve endings, all of our body parts are connected from the bones to the muscles and the organs; our feet provide and receive information regarding the flow of energy through mind and body.  Turning this awareness to the experience of one’s feet, we can awaken a sense of connection within our bodies and deepen the bond with Mother Earth.

A person’s feet are their foundation.  The feet are the only part of the body presenting with direct contact to the ground on which we walk and stand.  Along with holding all of the body’s weight, feet will gather a constant stream of feedback from the external world signaling the brain at a rapid speed.  Each time one moves, our nerve endings are activated – the nerve endings being switchboards on the soles of our feet.


For example, we will accommodate the terrain by placing pressure on different areas of the foot and adjust our position regardless of whether we are standing on a yoga mat, walking and pounding heavily on the pavement, or pressing a gas pedal in the car – the process is always the same.  We merely adapt and change based on how we are grounding our feet.  This grounding, or lack of grounding, will affect one’s overall body stability and posture.

Every person leaves a footprint along the footpath walked each day, somewhat like an echo made in the string of time.  Bringing attention to the way we move using our feet awakens choices and invites the opportunity to form and inform us along our path.

Go barefoot!  The earth is a magnetic force and emits positive vibes to boost a person’s overall well-being.  Evidence from studies shows that we can benefit both emotionally and physically from the powerful electrons when going barefoot. If you can’t go completely barefoot then Earth Sandals can help.

Become balanced!  Taking a moment to notice hold you hold your body when standing is important.  It will help you assess if you are placing too much pressure on the left or the right foot, and then you can focus on specific points such as the heels, arches, and toes.  Repositioning yourself can help distribution of weight between each foot and all the foot’s points.  This particular alignment technique will assist in the correct foundation of posture; thereby, clarifying all signals between the brain and the feet balancing your body’s nervous system.

All You Need To Know About Earth Connections

Foot arteries and lymphatic system, human anatomy.

Ground your feet!  Similar to a tree’s roots reaching down and across to obtain nourishment, it is recommended that you connect with the earth using the soles of the feet.  Imagine inhaling energy through the arches of your feet as if receiving nourishment from the ground, then exhaling the energy through the base of the heels and toes as if anchoring yourself into the bedrock.  This will assist you in working as a nourished tree and becoming one with the earth.

As can be seen, using our feet we can to regain a connection with the earth.  Using the information above you can learn how this connection works and how to obtain this connection using strategies including your feet.


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