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Adorable Child Jedi on His Tauntaun Wins Over the Internet for Halloween

A video has made the entire internet say “Aww” today of a young Jedi child and his Tauntaun. This video went viral within two days of being posted. This video is adorable because the child is enjoying his homemade costume.

The child is going to spend his Halloween as the Jedi Luke Skywalker and will be riding on his trusty Tauntaun. This lucky kid has a fanatic for a Dad, who is responsible for building this glorious costume. The boy’s legs are the Tauntaun’s legs, and a pair of false legs hang on both sides of the body. The entire costume has batting stuffed inside of it so that it will keep its shape. It looks very realistic, and it is very easy for the kid to maneuver around.

Clint Case, the dad of young Skywalker, makes motorcycle equipment custom made to order, so he is no stranger to creating beautiful and breathtaking things. He says that the entire costume took a right around four months to create, and with the help of glue sticks, a goat mask, and fur it was complete.

This Child Jedi riding a Tauntaun costume is winning in the originality department

It is the internet’s favorite Halloween costume as of yet. There are still many weeks left, and the actual holiday coming up, but even if you aren’t a fan of Star Wars this child stomping around as a Tauntaun is precious. This upcoming holiday is going to be an awesome Halloween for this little guy, and his dad will have to top the costume next year.

Halloween is an exciting time because you get to be anything that you want to be. Even though it is said to be a holiday for children, adults still participate every year. Here’s hoping that your Halloween experiences are just as lovely as this young Jedi riding his Tauntaun.

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