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Ada Lovelace Day Starts Technological Discussions in America

Ada Lovelace is one of the most influential women in the history of technological advancements because she helped to program the very first computer. In recognition of all of her hard work, October 11th is proclaimed Ada Lovelace day, which began its celebration in 2009. This day is the brain child of Suw Charman-Anderson, a software activist. She is an activist that strives to raise awareness of women in industries thought to be dominated by men, like mathematics, engineering, and technology.

Ada Lovelace, also known as Lord Byron’s daughter, is a famous mathematician that worked closely with Charles Babbage to create program for the original computer. This existed before software and programming was even thought about. Since the initiation of Ada Lovelace Day Silicon Valley is looking at themselves to see what change has impacted the industry.

Ada Lovelace day is a sign of gender equality

in the technological field, and highlights important women that contribute to this industry on a daily basis. There are many men that overpopulate this field, but women are making their mark. The type of global change on would expect does not take place quickly. It will take many decades before women are given the credit that they so deserve for the tasks that they have achieved.

Ada Lovelace Day is also in place to show young children what their future has in store. There are many little girls that feel that computers aren’t for them because the industry is so male dominated. However, this demographic is changing on a daily basis, and with holidays like these girls can see a future that was previously thought unrealistic.

Another aspect of Ada Lovelace Day is the misogyny that runs rampant online, and occurs at the hand of internet posters. There are many men that abuse women online whether it be through social media or dirty press campaigns. The effort to minimize this is found in many top companies in Silicon Valley like Apple and Intel. These two companies are spending millions of dollars to incorporate more women into their workforce. With effort like this, Ada Lovelace Day will breed new jobs for women in the future of the technological industry.

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