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A Quick Guide To Downsizing

A quick guide to Downsizing. Downsizing is something that is becoming more common as the cost of living rises, and if you’re in a position where this is the next step for you, there’s a lot to consider.

To help you in this huge next step, we’ve created this easy and quick guide to downsizing to help you prepare:

What Is It?

Downsizing is where you move into a smaller dwelling. It is something that is done for many reasons and it can be as dramatic as moving from a house to a one-bedroom rental, or simply moving from a three bed to a two bed. It all counts as downsizing and it comes with many challenges including:

  • Knowing what to do with items you want to keep but have no room for
  • Struggling with the change of having less space
  • Knowing what to do with items that you no longer want or need
  • Struggling to plan what to take with you
  • Potentially having to move in with other people when you are used to living on your own

Downsizing may happen through choice or necessity and emotionally it is a different journey for everyone. However, practically, the main issue tends to be the same for everyone and that is learning how to live with less space and the same amount of stuff.

Why Do It?

Downsizing can happen through necessity. Perhaps you are retiring and need a more manageable property. Maybe you need to save money and need to live in a smaller place. Perhaps you have to move in with a parent to care for them.

Downsizing also happens through choice. Maybe you want to free some money from your property and so you’re downsizing to do that. Maybe you simply want a smaller, more manageable property because your current home feels too big.

The fact is that downsizing can be challenging, particularly if you are not doing it through choice. It is completely doable though, especially if you approach it with the savvy tips we have listed below.

Top Tips For Making It Work

Downsizing is something that is worthwhile, but challenging. This is especially true if you are somebody with a lot of things, or you have a very large house you’re downsizing from. To help you get started and manage this tricky process, here are our top tips for making your downsizing process work:

Prepare For An Emotional Blizzard

Downsizing can be emotional, especially if you are doing it because of necessity, or you have to move back in with your parents or other people when you are used to having your own space. It is important to allow yourself to feel emotional about this process and prepare for all kinds of emotions to come through. Moving house is stressful enough as it is without adding to that, feelings that come with downsizing.

Have Some Rules For Cohabiting

If you are going to be living with your parents, adult children or with housemates it is important to have some rules laid out for cohabiting. This may include chore rotas, rules for cooking, privacy guidelines, etc. It depends on the situation. A good chat about it all before the move-in date, though, is sensible so that everybody understands the different boundaries and rules in the house.

Don’t Feel You Have To Chuck Everything Right Out

Avoid a knee-jerk reaction of chucking everything out right away because you think you have to. You could regret this either because you give away items worth some money or you get rid of items that you then have to pay to buy again. Worst of all, you could ditch sentimental items when you don’t need to sacrifice those for space.

Utilize Affordable Self Storage

Cheap storage is a real godsend when it comes to downsizing. You can use it to store things you want to keep for your future property. You may want to store sentimental items you have no room for. You might even want to use it for seasonal items that you don’t want to have taking up storage temporarily in your new place – see this handy guide to self storage prices. However you use it, it’s a really great secure extra place to have when you’re short on square footage.

A Quick Guide To Downsizing – Embrace Minimalism

Now is a great time to embrace minimalist philosophies. It can help you to hold on to the fact that your home is where you are and where you make memories, not where there are things or where there is lots of stuff. It will also help when it comes to decluttering in preparation for downsizing.

Give Things Away

Whether you have items you plan to pass on when you pass away, or items you hold onto because you think ‘somebody will like that’ the fact is that gifts are better given now than down the line. Wouldn’t you rather attach giving those things away with the memories of you gifting them and explaining why in person? Of course, this isn’t always applicable if you use the items, or if you are younger and haven’t yet acquired those kinds of items.

As a general rule, though, if you think an item would be ‘happier’ elsewhere, give it away now and enjoy the impact it has on the recipient.

A Quick Guide To Downsizing

A Quick Guide To Downsizing

Stop Buying

Now is a great time to stop buying more things. You’re going to be working with less space, which means that there isn’t room to store lots of things you don’t need. Instead, try saving money instead which can then go towards future properties, financial goals or even just a lovely holiday in the future.

You’re Going To Thrive In Your Compact Space

The place that you move to is going to be smaller than you are used to, but that doesn’t mean it can’t work for you. In fact, it may well be better, with less space to clean and take care of, and ultimately lower bills and less responsibility.

Hopefully, with this quick guide, you can get a little closer to ensuring the process is as successful as possible, for a happy and compact life ahead!

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