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8 of the Most Unique Pets

Can you believe that 70% of families in the United States own at least one pet?

Cats and dogs are most people’s go-to pets when they’re ready to add to their family, but there are so many other kinds of pets that are worth considering. Taking care of unique pets may come with a learning curve if you don’t know much about them, but you can form such a beautiful bond.

Would you like to learn more about the different types of pets that you could adopt?

Continue reading our guide that outlines eight awesome unique pets.


Snakes are always a unique pet to have since they come in all kinds of sizes. They’re interesting to hold and watching them eat is fascinating. Some snakes like ball pythons can even live for 30 years!

8 of the Most Unique Pets 5


From Komodo dragons to iguanas and beyond, there are so many cool lizards that you can welcome into your home. As long as you stock up on feeder insects for sale, you’ll have no trouble taking care of these beautiful creatures.


If you’ve never seen a hedgehog before, they look like tiny porcupines since their backs have spines. These adorable critters are low-maintenance and they love spending time with their owners. If you’re a night owl, then you and your hedgehog will be best pals.

Pygmy Goats

Do you have a lot of outdoor space? You could have a blast getting some pygmy goats since they have lovable personalities. Keep in mind that you need to adopt at least two pygmy goats so they don’t get lonely.


Ferrets are known to be curious, spunky, and social, which means that they’re fabulous pets. They love to run around, so it’s important to let them have at least four hours of playtime if you decide to keep yours in a cage. You might be surprised to learn that your ferret may snuggle up with you on the couch.

8 of the Most Unique Pets 1

Miniature Donkeys

Miniature donkeys are another sweet outdoor pet that you can adopt. Celebrities like Arnold Schwarzenegger have made viral videos hanging out with their miniature donkeys, so they’re becoming trendy pets.


When it comes to strange pets, not many people have the guts to bring a big, furry spider into their homes. However, if you’re not afraid of spiders, you may find your tarantula quite cute and charming.


If you’re looking for a soft and sweet pet, you can’t go wrong with a chinchilla. You’ll want to snuggle your little buddy all day. Compared to other rodent pets, they’re clean and quiet.

8 of the Most Unique Pets 3

You’re Bound to Love These Unique Pets

Dogs and cats will always have a special place in our hearts, but there are so many other unique pets that shouldn’t get ignored. As long as you do proper research you can take care of all kinds of exotic pets.

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