6 Awesome Tips for Music Blog Submission

6 Awesome Tips for Music Blog Submission

While we have shared several articles and tips on the best way to approach a music blog submission, this article is going to take it a step deeper. More specifically, we are going to focus on the email submission strategy and how you should make the most of every aspect. In other words, how are you going to settle on a subject line? What type of information should you include? Should you write an introduction?

Naturally, there is no strategy on earth that can ensure you will get exposure from the blog you are sending the email to, but paying attention to the details will definitely provide an edge.

  1. Be Familiar With The Music Blog you’re Submitting to

First off, nothing enrages the blog owner more than when musicians blindly send music their way. For example, sending an R&B demo to a rock blog just doesn’t make sense, and it proves the musician doesn’t even care about the blog. The result is that the blog owner is going to mark your email as spam, much less give you the exposure you are looking for.

Take the time to learn about the blog. Read the articles and make the effort to see whether your music is going to be a good fit. Sure, every musician is trying to get every bit of exposure they can, but sometimes, it’s simply not productive. Do the research and understand the blog you are submitting your songs to. If you want to be truly professional use a service like this one at thesocialmediaverificationservice.com

  1. Use A Follow-Up Email

Chances are if you are trying to get your music onto a specific blog, the blog is probably popular. It also means the blow owners might be pretty busy, and they could’ve missed your submission the first time around.

But instead of hammering them about it, just send a quick follow-up email and ask whether they received it. You are only going to annoy the blogs that were actively trying to shoot you down.

  1. This Is Not An Infomercial

Always keep in mind that you are not selling a product. You are sharing your music, and seeing as music is a universal language, you can’t expect everyone to understand it. In other words, don’t promise the blog owner they are going to love what they hear. With music, there is always room for different opinions, and you simply don’t know how other people are going to react to it.

The quicker you make peace with the fact that some individuals are going to hate your music outright, the better. Why? Because music is art, and art is all about freedom of expression. So, the best you can do is record what you are passionate about, and have the guts to put it out there.

  1. Make A Good First Impression with your Music Blog Submission

Popular music blogs receive several submissions, meaning they don’t have the time to listen to full albums. And presenting the blog with your entire catalog is just going to make them pass on the email before they even start listening.

The better alternative is to focus on your best song, and adding useful information with it. For example, if you have a SoundCloud page, you can add the link in the email. Or maybe you have a cool video of the song online, which can also be added.

If you want to get your foot in the door, get people to pay attention first. And you do this by sending only one good song and making them beg for more.

  1. Provide The Necessary Insight

Even music blogs try to be content rich, but when you make a submission without any special information, what exactly do you want the blog owners to write about?

Go the extra mile and give them all the juicy details. And don’t be scared to add some cover art or even a press release photo. The more professional you can present yourself, the more attention you are going to get.

What about keeping your submission mysterious you wonder? Nobody is stopping you from taking this route, but remember all the competition you are going up against. As an indie musician, you are still trying to gain some traction. And the best way to do this is by making your submission more personal and helping people to make the connection.

  1. Make Your Music Blog Submission Unique

Let’s face it, emails aren’t exactly the most personal way to make a submission.  But that doesn’t mean you can’t try your best to make it stand out from the rest. Always keep in mind that going through submissions from a blog owner’s point of view can be very tedious. Sure, it’s fun getting to listen to all the free music, but also think about how easy it will be to pass on those generic emails with no apparent style or effort.

Don’t make the mistake in thinking all they care about is the music. A story behind the music can help to give some perspective on what the blog owner is about to listen to.

Make your email personal and help the submission to connect with the recipient and you have a much better chance of getting featured on the blog. And if your submission doesn’t make it through the first time around, nothing is stopping you from trying again. It’s a sign that you are passionate enough to succeed, which is half the battle.

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