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5 Top Foods to Help you live longer 4

5 Top Foods to Help you live longer

Green Tea

Green tea is another staple food in the Japanese diet and boasts a wide variety of health benefits that help to boost your cardiovascular health, improve the immune system, regulate blood pressure, as well as lower cholesterol levels. Research has further suggested that the health-boosting flavonoids found in green tea can assist in reducing the risk of cancer. A study conducted by the Japanese that included at least 40,000 participants showed that people who drank more than five cups of green tea daily had a death rate which is 16 percent lower than individuals who only drank one cup, over a timeline of one decade. The Journal of the American Medical Association also published research findings that seemed to support this claim.

5 Top Foods to Help you live longer 5

All kinds of Nuts

Nuts will make a lovely snack option when you are in the office and craving something to eat. They are rich in proteins and will help you live a longer life. A long-running health study by Harvard researchers suggested that people who eat a significant amount of nuts every day are less likely to suffer life-threatening conditions like heart disease, cancer, and respiratory difficulties. Consuming a lot of nuts has also been associated with low cholesterol levels, body fat, oxidative stress, and insulin resistance. Developing a habit of regularly eating the different types of nuts may be your ticket to a longer life.

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