how to clean your makeup brushes

4 reasons to clean your makeup brushes

It is useless to take care of your skin daily if after you use beauty utensils in poor condition. Because if you’re worried about cleaning your face, you must know that it is also important to clean your makeup brushes.

And here you have 4 good reasons:

1. Long live to the brush. Sometimes you pay for a new foundation and a brush and you feel surprised to see that the brush is even more expensive! Well, if you do not want to spend over the odds, you’d better clean them once a week. And they will remain in perfect condition for longer.

2. A healthier skin. You should not use a dirty makeup brush for your face, because all those accumulated bacteria can end up clogging the pores and penetrate your skin. Over time, you may notice breakouts and skin infections.

3. Different tone. If you do not wash your brushes regularly, at the end you will accumulate so much dirt that even the foundation tone you apply will look different. Your base when mixed with accumulated debris, the color changes and the result shows.

4. A nice touch. Because we’re not going to cheat, when they are so dirty that the bristles look like papier mache, your makeup ritual is anything but pleasant.

So, take care of them as they deserve and they will take care of your skin too. And now it comes the million dollar question: How to clean your brushes and make the process easy and fast? Once or twice a week, take the brush and moisten with bristles face down. Then apply soap on the hair of the brush (if you have a specific product by hand, of course) and clean them drawing circles on the palm of your hand.

At first you’ll notice that the foam is the same color as your makeup. And of course, it will be so until you have ‘spit’ everything and again have a clean and undamaged bristles. Moisten again to remove the soap and wring well with some paper before letting it air dry. And remember to repeat this simple step once or twice a week.

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