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foods babies shouldn't eat

4 foods that babies should NOT eat

Feeding in infants is very important because it sets the tone for the start of its development.

Food is essential for children’s growing especially when they are babies, so you should be very careful with the food you give them during their early years, therefore they are essential, but some may be harmful. Perhaps we are often not informed about how certain foods may be harmful to our babies and that is why we have compiled this list of 4 foods that for any reason you must give your babies and avoid unexpected health problems during their first months, and even years of life:

Salt: This is one of the most important, in the case of children under 7 years, the recommended daily intake is 3 grams per day, and for children under one year, the recommendation is to suppress it completely.

Processed foods: These foods are not recommended even for adults, so imagine a baby consuming this. Abundant manufacturing processes make the food loses all types of nutrients, making it very little or not recommended at all for babies.

Sodas: Many children start taking sugared drinks at a short age, however this can cause problems such as irritability and obesity because they contain harmful elements even for an adult, like caffeine.

Honey: Despite being a healthy food for adults and with many benefits, you should not give this food to a baby who has not completed at least one year, because honey contains a bacterium called clostridium botulinum which can not be digested by a small intestine. As a result of the consumption of this bacteria can potentially cause botulism.

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