Government Conspiracy Theories

3 Government Conspiracy Theories That Are Actually True

Government conspiracy theories are one of the most exciting things in pop culture because every citizen is always trying to figure out where the truth lies. Conspiracy theories have been a favorite pastime for American citizens for the last century. Below are listed a few of the most prominent conspiracy theories that turned out to be true. There are so many others like who killed the Kennedys to the Moon Landing? What is real, what is just an urban myth. These below are some that have been debunked by experts as being real.

MK-UltraOne of the top government conspiracy theory is the use of illicit drugs on citizens to see their effects. This drug experimentation was the case in the 1960s when the government decided to test a group of individuals with LSD to see if this would make people tell the truth under interrogation. With this experimentation, a lot of individuals actually died, and LSD was put back in the government vaults until hippies decided to use this drug in their experimentation. This experimentation with LSD was thought to be a hoax, but the truth came to light in an investigation by the Rockefeller Commission. This was to produce a Manchurian Candidate, just like in the movie with the same name. Some say RFK was the victim of one with Sirhan Sirhan. Do we think others have done the same to produce harm to people to help further agendas of government agencies?

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