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Government Conspiracy Theories

3 Government Conspiracy Theories That Are Actually True

Government conspiracy theories are one of the most interesting things in pop culture because every citizen is always trying to figure out where the truth lies. In fact, conspiracy theories have been a favorite pastime for American citizens for the last century. Below are listed a few of the most prominent conspiracy theories that actually turned out to be true.


  • MK-UltraOne of the top government conspiracy theories is the use of illicit drugs on citizens to see their effects. This drug experimentation was the case in the 1960s when the government decided to test a group of individuals with LSD to see if this would make people tell the truth under interrogation. With this experimentation, a lot of individuals actually died, and LSD was put back in the government vaults until hippies decided to use this drug in their experimentation. This experimentation with LSD was thought to be a hoax, but the truth came to light in an investigation by the Rockefeller Commission.


  • The MafiaOne of the most interesting aspects of organized crime in the United States stems from the theory of “The Mafia.” Any gangster movie will show that these individuals come from Italy and reside in buildings in New York, Philadelphia, or Chicago. Even though Hollywood has made a pretty penny off these films, there is certain truth toward the mafia in the United States. In the 1960s a man named Joe Valachi showed ties between organized crime and their relationship with local law enforcement. At the end of his report, there were several prominent people incriminated, including the CIA, several businessmen, and politicians.


  • The Manhattan ProjectAnother government conspiracy theory topic that is always popular revolves around military intelligence. Everyone is always concerned about the development of new bombs or other military advances used in the next world war. With the creation of the atomic bomb, it was under the code name of “The Manhattan Project”. This secret program was a project that took place over 25 years and spanned the country, while citizens in towns were oblivious to the conducted research. This project employed well over one hundred thousand people and the construction of entire cities for the project’s use.

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