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foods that make you hungrier

3 foods that make you hungrier

During the day, you have the necessity of eating something between meals, but certain foods, rather than satiate your appetite, they  increase it. I’ll mention some foods that make you hungrier.

Bread and chips.- This could explain why restaurants put them on the table before serving food. The bread contains processed carbohydrates that increase blood sugar levels, and consequently to give you hungry again.

Cookies and candies.- These are foods that people choose often to “calm” the hunger, but because of their sugar content  they will only cause the person to eat more. This occurs because the sugar activates the reward system of the brain, so the hypothalamus and thalamus remain active and ask the body more food because they are not satisfied.

Diet drinks.- All drinks containing sweeteners increase the reward centers in the brain. But as they never reach the body, the brain asks to fill that gap with more food. Most of these foods are processed and are part of your daily life, they are also easily accessible, so we must to be careful with what we eat.

Ideally, consume vegetables, fruit, nuts, seeds, green juice, or combine them with each other.

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