For the average person, Iryna Lobur knows setting aside time each week to make it to the gym can sometimes seem like a struggle. With studying for exams for students, running around doing things for the kids as a parent, or even just being a busy workaholic, sometimes finding the time to work out seems like an impossible task.

But Iryna Lobur knows there are some easy ways to burn off calories during the day, as well as get the blood moving in order to feel the best possible this summer. In fact, all those who try this will feel good as well as look good too. Here are 3 easy ways to sneak in exercise during the busy summer season.

  •     Run Errands (literally): Instead of climbing in the car to grab groceries, Iryna Lobur shares that going on a walk up the street to do things that need to be done is a great way to get in a workout. Try this on a lunch break for a great mid-day pick-me-up.
  •     Socializing While Exercising: Iryna Lobur shares that sometimes, working out alone leaves little room for motivation. That’s why scheduling a fun playdate amongst friends like a group yoga class, or something simple like playing Frisbee in the park are both great ways to have fun while also working up a sweat.
  •     Last but not least, Try Something Fun: Sometimes scheduling a workout seems like the last thing one wants to fit into their already busy schedule. That’s why Iryna Lobur shares that those who find fun ways to stay fit get even more accomplished when it comes to their fitness. Try something new in order to expand horizons. Everything from taking a spin class, going on a jog with the chatty neighbor, hiking, dance classes, martial arts and more are all fun ways to stay in shape.

One thing Iryna Lobur shares with her clients is that every single person out there has the same amount of hours in the day. Although squeezing in a workout can at times be the last thing someone wants to squeeze into a schedule, there are ways to work off calories throughout the day as well as finding fun ways to stay fit that will hopefully help those wanting to work on this. For more information about Iryna Lobur, visit her official website: