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2016 Super Toy Con is Recommended to Vegas Guests by Tripps Travel Network

2016 Super Toy Con is Recommended to Vegas Guests by Tripps Travel Network

Tripps Travel Network shares some information on a great upcoming convention in Las Vegas, Nevada.

There are few destinations in the United States, or in the world, that come as highly recommended as Las Vegas. This is because there aren’t many destinations that can boast the same level of magnificence in entertainment that is available to those who decide to vacation in Las Vegas. This city is the home of the world’s greatest stage shows in the form of magnificent magic shows, over the top concerts, hilarious comedy shows, and incredible works of acrobatics. In addition, those who visit Las Vegas can appreciate luxurious hotels, shops, and restaurants. This summer, travelers can take advantage of all of these features of Las Vegas and more when they decided to visit with the help of Tripps Travel Network. Visitors can even enjoy one of a kind attractions and events that are available this summer, including an upcoming convention that is recommended by Tripps Travel Network.

Tripps Travel Network would like to recommend that eager Las Vegas visitors this summer take the chance to attend the upcoming 2016 Super Toy Con. Las Vegas is home to many great conventions that appeal to a wide array of individuals, but the Super Toy Con stands out as the largest of its kind in Las Vegas. This event will feature vendors, creators, and even celebrities who have come together in this celebration, and the con will additionally focus collectables including comics, toys, and popular games. Attendees will be able to shop, meet industry experts, and even snag autographs from the special guests who have been invited to appear at the convention.

The three day long convention will be held at the Orleans Arena at the Tropicana for three days from August 5th to August 7th.  The evet will open to attendees from 4 pm to 10 pm on Friday the 5th, will run from 10 am to 9 pm on Saturday the 6th, and will be open from 10 am to 5 pm on Sunday the 7th. There will additionally be a Hall of Fame dinner starting at 6:30 on Saturday. Entry for the event starts at just $12 for a single day of entry, and kid’s under 11 are free. The additional Hall of Fame dinner will require a separate attendance fee or may be included in the purchase of certain weekend passes.

This event will give collectors a great chance to look for their dream item while they are already enjoying a great getaway in Las Vegas. Interested individuals can visit http://supertoycon.com/ for more information on ticket prices and attending guests.

It is not too late to have the vacation of a lifetime in Las Vegas this summer, especially for those who take recommendations from Tripps Travel Network to decide how they will spend their time in this destination. To learn more about planning an upcoming getaway to Las Vegas, or to find out more about taking great vacations with Tripps Travel Network please visit http://trippstravelnetwork.com/ now.

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