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Tripps Travel Network Looks At Hidden Las Vegas Spots

Take a trip with Tripps Travel Network, as we discover the hidden spots in Las Vegas.

Vegas is full of incredible attractions, but everyone knows about the Bellagio, MGM Grand, and other famous spots. There are a ton of cool spots that are hidden in this world of light and sound. So keep your voice down, and tiptoe, as Tripps Travel Network discovers the best-hidden attractions in Sin City.

  • Grab a slice of pizza at The Cosmopolitan

Tripps Travel Network first looks at a hidden hole in the wall, at the Cosmopolitan hotel. Down an unmarked hall, inside an unnamed room, is perhaps the best pizza west of the Mississippi. The best part about this phantom pizza parlor is the low prices, and the awesome old video game machine to play while you are waiting. Make sure to check out all of the awesome vinyl album covers lining the walls of the Cosmopolitan’s best restaurant.

  • Find a sale at the Downtown Container Park

Tripps Travel Network next takes a stroll down Freemont St. as we duck inside a giant shipping container. You read that correctly, a giant shipping container in downtown Las Vegas. However, it’s the inside that counts, and the inside of this giant box is a ton of different shops, bars, and restaurants. Take a look at The Art Box, selling unique local art, and have a bite at Pinches Tacos.

  • Enjoy nature at the Las Vegas Springs Preserve

Tripps Travel Network recommends taking a break from all the loud noise and bright lights and spending an afternoon at the Las Vegas Springs Preserve. Featuring more than 100 acres of natural plants and trees, and more than three miles of area to hike,  this preserve is a peaceful and relaxing way to kill some time in Vegas.

  • Take a step back in time at The Laundry Room

Tripps Travel Network turns back the clock at our next spot, The Laundry Room. Now, this isn’t your usual laundromat, but a cover for a 30’s style speakeasy. And instead of having a gangster open a sliding eye slot and you giving a password, this bar has a bit of a modern way to gain access.

You text to create your reservation and are given instructions on where to meet. Inside is a world of different drinks and mixes, including some daring items from off menu.

  • Play with big cats at the Lion Habitat Ranch

Tripps Travel Network finally stops at the Lion Habitat Ranch, just ten minutes outside of the Strip. Everyone knows the famous MGM lions, but have you ever wanted to spend the day playing with them? You can, at the Habitat Ranch. With over 45 lions on seven acres of beautiful ranch, they have plenty of room to run and relax. You can even feed them!

That’s just a few of the hidden spots in one of America’s most famous cities, but there are so many others to find and explore. So if you’re heading to Las Vegas this year, the best way to do so is with Tripps Travel Network. Happy travels!

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