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Primetime Vacations Specials Plans Oregon Adventures for Members

Primetime Vacations Specials Plans Oregon Adventures for Members

Primetime Vacations Specials is planning a retreat for its members to the Oregon city of Portland.

When one thinks of this city, a carefree and artsy spirit comes to mind. From the standpoint of members who have an adventurous soul and also love to hike and explore the great outdoors, the outskirts of Portland has much to offer. There are seven destinations that the locals believe should have been included in the Wonders of the World list, so instead they are referred to as The Seven Wonders of Oregon where many opportunities exist to explore.

Mt. Hood is a great place for Primetime Vacations Specials skiers to visit since has a six different ski areas and a paradise for hikers.

This mountainous, snowy peak with eleven glaciers at the top, representing each thousand feet it rises above sea level. In the mid 1930s Timberline Lodge was built to mirror the lines of the mountains and is one of the few hosts to year-round skiing in the world. Wood and stone from the nearby forest were used to build this structure. A view of Lakes Trillium, Mirror, and Lost can be seen from the lodge. Since apples, berries, and pears grow in the forests and valleys in the spring and fall, the area near the town of Hood River is referred to as the Fruit Loop. Mt. Hood is also home to an 11,240-foot volcano.

The Oregon Coast totals 363 miles of public beaches and ocean water crashing against the cliffs.

It is not the usual types of beaches where people dress in scanty beachwear and get a tan. This is a great place to observe nature, from whales to seabirds. Hiking tours are available along the coast and fat-tire biking excursions along the beach. The Columbia River Gorge is a short drive from Portland and located in Crown Point.

Due to the various lakes, rivers, streams, waterfalls, basalt cliffs, and massive areas of wildflowers, it has been designated as the largest National Scenic Area by the US government. 

This area is home to several named waterfalls such as Ponytail, Bridal Veil, and Horsetail, viewed from the Columbia River highway. Members of Primetime Vacations Specials who are wine enthusiasts will find Chardonnay and pinot noir grapes growing and being produced in the cool hills region located at the west end. The sunnier east areas of drier climates produce tempranillo and syrah wine.

Painted Hills gets its name from the stratified red, gold, yellow, and black colors that can be observed on the side of the hills and mountains in the late afternoon.

Depending on the amount of light and moisture levels, the clay stones will change their color and look in hue and tone. Painted Hills is one of three units that make up the John Day Fossil beds. Clarno Unit is pillars comprised of volcanic sludge and waterfalls.  The Thomas Condon Paleontology Center stores animal and plant fossils such as the saber-toothed  cats in the Sheep Rock Unit. The center houses a total of 40,000 fossils. A window into the early rhinos and elephants is an animal evolution exhibit on display and sure to fascinate Primetime Vacations Specials members and their families.

Smith Rock is where American sport climbing was born.

This red volcanic ash mountain rises up like cathedral spires and is visited by climbers from around the globe. Members of Primetime Vacations Specials can choose from a variety of fun activities such as cliff rock climbing, mountain biking, and sport climbing. Beginners and experienced climbers will find areas appropriate to their abilities. Opportunities abound for golden eagle, river otter, falcon, and beaver sightings. Hikers can be awe inspired once they come across lava flows at Newberry Crater National Volcanic Monument.

The Wallowas are a mixture of an alpine summit and high desert in one direction and a lookout to Hells Canyon in another.

This area is great for camping in cabins or taking part in mini-golf by Wallowa Lake. Nearby towns feature handcrafted beer, art galleries, shopping, and restaurants. The land by Snake River is virtually untouched from the wagon crossing pioneer days.

Crater Lake is touted as the deepest lake in America and one of the deepest in the world.

Primetime Vacations Specials members who are adventuresome types can hike from the top of the mountain down to this super blue lake. 2,000 feet high cliffs that were formed by volcanoes surround it. Hikers love this area but in the winter cross-country skiers are in abundance here. The park is mostly visited between July and mid-September when the climate is most amenable. If visiting during October-June, it is considered winter and extreme cold, blizzard conditions are the norm, and so visitors during those months should be fully prepared.

Although Primetime Vacations Specials will start the retreat in the city of Portland, they will expand beyond it to explore these seven wondrous sites. There is so much to observe and experience, though, most members will likely return for more scenic splendor.

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