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Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club Recommends

Travel is an incredible and unforgettable opportunity. Each an every year individuals take vacations so that they may enjoy new cultures and discover the secrets of the world. Travel also helps them grow and enjoy their free time more by giving them fantastic new experiences. In order to have these wonderful experiences, Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club says that individuals need to be able to choose the perfect destinations. One of the best choices for vacationers is the Dominican Republic. The Dominican Republic has a fantastic atmosphere and offers a number of extraordinary opportunities for those who visit, especially when they stay at the Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club resort. Those who are staying at the resort and enjoying all that it offers them but want a little something extra for their vacation are encouraged by Lifestyle to take advantage of some of the great local seasonal and limited time events. When they visit this March, one of the best options is taking advantage of whale watching season.
Whale watching season in the Dominican Republic lasts during a very limited window from mid-January until the end of March. Because the season only lasts until the end of the month, Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club reminds visitors that they must hurry to make sure that they can take advantage of this great activity. During this time, humpback whales have come to the waters of the Dominican Republic to mate and have their young in the Dominican Republic’s own mammal sanctuary. When visitors come to the resort this month, they are encouraged to book a tour to see these magnificent mammals close up before the time has passed and the whales do not return for another year. This is an especially great event to attend for those with children who want to see fascinating creatures up close.
Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club is always dedicated to creating the most extraordinary vacation experiences for its members when they visit the all-inclusive resort in the Dominican Republic. Lifestyle knows that when visitors come to the resort, they will have all that they could ever dream of and more, from dining opportunities to extraordinary resort events. They will additionally have access to many extraordinary local events that will add the perfect touch to any vacation.
For more information on planning a visit to the Dominican Republic visit http://www.lifestyleholidaysvc.com/.

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