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Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club Features Daily Summer Entertainment

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club Features Daily Summer Entertainment

This summer, every component of the perfect vacation getaway can be found at the LHVC Resort.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club knows that the secret to an unforgettable vacation experience is finding a way to enjoy every moment. Most vacation resorts and hotels merely offer a place for guests to stay during getaways, and they leave travelers to find entertainment on their own outside of their accommodations. Trying to find travel entertainment can take a lot of effort, and traveling around the destination to find entertainment can eat up precious vacation time. However, with Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club, the best entertainment in the destination can be found within the LHVC resort. From exhilarating sports to exciting parties, the resort has so much to offer is guests, and today the resort’s team would like to explore some of the distinctive entertainment that guests can enjoy only when they choose to spend their summer vacations with LHVC in 2017.

At the Lifestyle Holidays Vacations Club, there are many ways for individuals enjoy the excitement of competition by participating in sports and taking advantage of other active attractions at the resort.

Those who want to stay fit during their stay have access to the many great amenities at the Fitness Center and Health Club. There are also activities including dance lessons, pool volleyball, scuba diving lessons, and aqua aerobics that guests at the resort can enjoy on a daily basis. Members also have access to tennis courts, pools, and the Los Mangos Executive Golf Course. Some of the most exciting activities at the resort include those found at the Xtreme Zone where sports and activities like flag football, bowling, archery, basketball, rock climbing, hockey, and paintball are all readily available.

It isn’t just sports that guests have available to them at the resort, there are also a variety of options for less active entertainment at the Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club resorts.

For example, guests are encouraged to come and mingle with other resort visitors at the ICE nightclub on a nightly basis. The club features music, lights shows, and delicious cocktails. Guests are also welcome to enjoy a variety of shows and other live entertainment featured each night at the outdoor Colosseum stage or the indoor Lights, Camera, Action theater. Each of these venues offers theatrical performances, comedy shows, and concerts.

With such an endless array of vacation entertainment right inside the resort, Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club offers the ideal spot for a long waited summer getaway this season. This year, don’t just choose a place to stay, instead enjoy the all-inclusive experience that is unique to Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club. LHVC membership offers its guests all of the features that they need to make their vacation truly memorable. To plan a well-rounded Dominican Republic stay this season, please visit https://www.lhvcresorts.com/.


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