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Idea Design Studio Helps Develop Ideas

The first step is to create a pre-sketch. Most of the products seen on television are computer generated 3-D designs and the same technology used to create them is utilize by Idea Design Studio.

Using just the inventor’s ideas and descriptions, this technology can create an impressive 3-D presentation. The team at Idea Design Studio will schedule a call for inventors to speak with a designer. During this call the discussion will focus on the idea and creation of pre-sketch design.

During the design process, inventors can view the work and interact with the design team via a 24/7 online project management system. It is important that the inventor has the ability and access to the design throughout the entire process. The first 3-D design is a grayscale computer design. After the inventor is done with revisions and approves the design, the Idea Design Studio team creates a full color and texture photo-realistic 3D design.

It is important that the inventor know they are involved throughout the entire process. They have complete control and are encouraged to make as many revisions as needed to make the invention come to life as it has played out in their mind. All of the designs Idea Design Studio creates become the sole property of the inventor, there are no royalties taken by Idea Design Studio either.

There have been many happy Idea Design Studio clients throughout the years. They all have remarked on how smooth the process is and how grateful they are to Idea Design Studio for helping them navigate the invention and design process. They truly feel as they are working with a team and have tremendous support throughout the journey.

“Idea Design Studio has really helped me get my project off the ground. I didn’t know what I was getting myself into when I first partnered with IDS, but after experiencing their heightened level of customer service, I am confident in the success of my product! Thanks Jermaine and Kenny for all your hard work!” said Auriel Collier.

Darryl Campbell also raved about his experience, “The experience I had with this company was amazing there honest, kind, and generous when it comes to your idea and they’re team is very creative when it comes to designing your idea and satisfying your needs and services altogether if I were you I would make this company the first and only option when it comes to ideas and patents, they will expand your name, brand, and product.”

Be sure to contact Idea Design Studio and start developing your next great idea today. For more information please visit http://www.ideadesignstudio.com



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