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First Choice Travel St. Maarten Invites Members to Explore the Wonders of St. Maarten

First Choice Travel St. Maarten Invites Members to Explore the Wonders of St. Maarten

First Choice Travel St. Maarten plans to introduce its members to some unique aspects of St. Maarten this fall.

This island is notable in that it is located where the Caribbean Sea and Atlantic Ocean meet. Water sports such as kayaking, sailing, surfing, and deep sea fishing are extremely popular in these parts. Sunbathing and relaxing on some of the most popular beaches in the world is always a preferred activity while visiting this island. Due to its tax-free status, shoppers can purchase items at stores and boutiques absolutely duty free.

A year round average of temperatures that range from 77 to 84 degrees makes this a climate conducive to spending time outdoors.

Here are some examples of activities in more detail.

If members of First Choice Travel St. Maarten are interested in spending a day in the water, there are many options to choose from.  Tour packages are available for members to choose for a day out at sea. One combines wine and cheese on a cruise to see the sun setting over the water. Another is a semi-submarine tour that provides amazing underwater marine views.

The St. Martin Nature Reserve cruise features more than 7,500 acres of rugged landscapes where exotic wildlife on the small island of Tintamarre roam. Part of this package is to explore on and offshore and experience snorkeling with the native sea turtles. Then get up-close and personal with iguana as they bask atop the rocks of Pinel Island.

Dolphins can be observed jumping out of the water here, as can humpback whales. Tourists wrap up the day by sunbathing on the beach. Another favorite guided tour is the glass-bottom kayak adventure. These take you through reefs and dry docks. Tourists sit in kayak boats with glass bottoms, providing stunning views of tropical fish and other marine life below. This is a perfect alternative to those who feel squeamish about swimming beside fish in scuba diving and snorkeling scenarios.

For those who crave the sand and surf lifestyle while on vacation, a tour to the French and Dutch sides of St. Maarten is a perfect idea.

Guides first stop on the longest beach of the island, Orient Beach, located on the French side of the island. There is plenty of time to go swimming in these Caribbean turquoise waters before basking in the sun. First Choice Travel St. Maarten members will find plenty of restaurants and bars to choose from.  Next up is time to explore the Dutch island of Maho Beach known for its magnificent sea shells people pick for souvenirs.  Maho is a great place to sip guavaberry rum punch at Sunset Bar & Grill.

Massive jets from Princess Juliana International Airport fly over the beach several times a day. While swimming or sunbathing, tourists can witness the 747s and A330s flying overhead and the strong winds they create. Some people participate in what is called “fence surfing” where they brace themselves to avoid being blown away by the force of the jets. This activity not only is for the most daring of individuals but also can lead to injury or fatality.

Shorter excursions can be enjoyed by renting cars and motorcycles, taking taxis or bus transportation, to freely access the sights.

Tourists love the laid-back atmosphere of this island that allows them to escape the usual hustle and bustle of life.  Much of this area is walkable as well, opening a way to combine exercise with sightseeing. Saba is one of the smallest islands in the Antilles and home to a favorite spot of hikers, Mount Scenery. Front Street in Philipsburg is where many people choose to stroll in and out of shops to buy all sorts of duty-free items. In Marigot, which is the French capital, you can buy very elegant clothes from the boutiques. Local souvenirs can be obtained from the popular Topper’s Rhum and Marigot market.

No matter what types of activities you fancy, members of First Choice Travel St. Maarten will find plenty of options. From water sports such snorkeling to glass-bottom kayak tours, to touring beaches, to hiking, and shops, the island of St. Maarten is full of unforgettable memories for its members on this upcoming trip.

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