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Enjoy Dominican Republic Independence Restoration Day with Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club

During visits to the Dominican Republic with Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club this August, travelers can take part in the exciting celebrations of a national holiday.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club is ready year round to welcome visitors to the beautiful world of the Dominican Republic. As one of the most luxurious resorts in the Caribbean, Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club knows how to offer its members and guests the time of their life in one of the world’s most stunning and popular retreat destinations. The industry titan also knows how to help travelers appreciate every moment that they spend in the Dominican Republic. One way that travelers can make the most of their time here, especially during their highly anticipated summer stays, is by getting in touch with the local culture and participating in local holidays an events. The late summer season in the Dominican Republic marks several important national events, and Dominican Republic visitors are highly encouraged to take part in is the upcoming festivities that are planned for the Dominican Republic Independence Restoration Day.

The history of the Dominican Republic is a story of how a nation overcame the control of several imposing forces, as the country was in fact ruled by several other countries in its earlier years. Independence Restoration Day in the Dominican Republic remembers the 1863 start of the Restoration War, which was when the Dominican Republic fought to restore its independence after it had previously broken away from Haiti and was then colonized by Spain. The holiday is celebrated on August 16th, which is the anniversary of the day that Dominican rebels reclaimed the Capotillo Hill in Santo Domingo and began their fight for freedom.

Today, August 16th is a national holiday that is celebrated throughout the Dominican Republic, and a day which Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club would like visitors to appreciate during their Dominican Republic vacations. The holiday is often celebrated with a number of special events throughout the country. There is typically a presidential speech commemorating the day, and there are also a number of exciting city held events that visitors and locals can take part in throughout country. There are, for example, colorful parades held in honor of the day, especially in Santo Domingo. The day is also celebrated with music, colorful costumes, street vendors, and an array of classic Dominican dishes to try. Visitors will love taking part in the day’s festivities and enjoying the unique touch of culture that this holiday can offer their vacation experience.

Vacations in the Dominican Republic with Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club are as unique and memorable as the destination itself. Guests and members agree that Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club provides a truly exceptional vacation experience. To learn more about staying in the top of the line accommodations available through Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club this summer please visit https://www.lhvcresorts.com/.

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