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Chris Devine Marathon Runner Offers Training Tips Before The Big Run

Chris Devine Marathon Runner Offers Training Tips Before The Big Run

Chris Devine, a Marathon running enthusiast offers tips on the ultimate challenge of competition at the highest level.

Runners experience a grueling route until they feel the pride of accomplishment upon finally seeing that finish line.

Runners who are accustomed to the ho-hum of running the same configurations each year are pleasantly surprised at how much Chris Devine’s Marathon tips can offer them in terms of preparation.

Those who have experienced this particular run say it is imperative to get very physically fit ahead of attempting to participate in it. Some vital tips include, finding a partner to train with, setting goals to meet over a specific period of time, choosing comfortable clothes and shoes to wear, and cross training. These are extremely important elements of preparation involved in the pre-marathon phase.

If you are a beginner, Chris Devine recommends taking time to interview and carefully choose your training partner.

While it might be nice to become friends with your partner over time, what is significantly more important is striking the right balance.  You don’t want someone who is too sympathetic and does not push you at all, neither is the “sergeant at arms” type that will push too hard and fast the right partner.

A training partner should be great for listening, encouragement, and motivation. He or she should have the ability to recognize when you physically and mentally are at your breaking point.  Once the right partner is chosen the next step is to set gradual goals, taking incremental steps to avoid overtraining or injury. A good partner will realize how important good stretching techniques are in both warming up and cooling down after daily training is complete to avoid injury. This is as important in gym workouts as it is when walking, jogging, and running outside. Setting goals to run more each time until you mimic the actual run time is essential for successful marathon running preparation.

Chris Devine recommends cross training, as a way is to incorporate cardiovascular, weights, yoga, swimming and nutrition.

Utilizing all of these elements is great for the body, mind, and spirit. It will be necessary to draw on these various elements on marathon day to keep going until the finish.

When it comes to athletic wear, finding clothes and shoes to wear while running is an individual decision based on fit and style. Running shoes in particular must feel right from the moment your foot hits the ground to the moment it is in the air, throughout the entire running movement.  A perfect fit is critical since running in pain will only slow you down and makes the running experience miserable.

Runners who prescribe to the Chris Devine’s Marathon philosophy are most likely to succeed on marathon day and actually place high in that run.  Of course for those who are happy to just finish the marathon, having approached the training in a sensible and deliberate manner will give them the sense of satisfaction only a marathon completion can. For more information please visit http://www.chrisdevinerunning.com

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