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Chris Devine Marathon Preparedness Tip – Incorporate Cross-training Techniques in Runner Preparation

Chris Devine Marathon Preparedness Tip – Incorporate Cross-training Techniques in Runner Preparation

Chris Devine marathon runner and running enthusiast believes in a very methodical approach to preparation for runners.

Aside from running sprints and long distance as preparation for the big day, proper nutrition, weight training, cardio equipment, yoga, and swimming also play an integral part.

Marathons have become very popular events in recent years. Whether in support of medical causes like Cancer or AIDS research or as community events like The Boston and New York City marathons, running and in some cases speed walking have become all the rage.

There are many approaches to preparing to participate in these long distance runs, but Chris Devine believes their philosophy has proven very successful. Rather than a fancy approach, it is instead a “Back to the Basics” style. One specific technique is the belief in training at a very gradual pace. They have discovered over the years that the most successful marathon runners plan according to the date of their event and make sure to train for months ahead of time.

Some training is spent in the gym utilizing cardio equipment like elliptical, treadmill, stepping, and bicycle machines on certain days.

  Modern treadmills have settings that can allow you to walk, jog, or run on an incline. This is perfect for emulating real running routes in a marathon.  Bicycle classes in gyms have gained in popularity and are great for building up the legs for a race. If you need knee strengthening, elliptical machines will help get them ready for the pounding you will experience running outside in the marathon race. On opposite days time can be spent using various weight machines alternating with free weights.  Using weights helps to build lean muscle, strength, and endurance vital to success in a marathon.

Whether gym classes or in a studio, Yoga has beneficial affects on runners. Since it is considered a more mind and body exercise, it helps runners visualize their goals and maintain the flexibility necessary to move their legs a long period of time.  Yoga can also be performed at the end of a taxing workout to slow down the heart rate.

These physical fitness tips are essential but according to Chris Devine ’s Marathon beliefs, so is nutrition.

Often overlooked is how essential what we consume is to the big race. We train months in advance of the big race and should consider our nutritional intake.  In the hustle and bustle of life we are quick to grab a bite at a fast food restaurant to avoid cooking at the end of a busy day. While some fast food joints offer some healthy food choices, there are ways to prepare healthy meals of our own that don’t consume too much time.  On your off work days consider preparing healthy meals ahead and freezing them. Juicing veggies and fruits to drink in the morning or lunch can also add vital nutrients to your body that will enhance your training workouts and marathon day.

These few tips from Chris Devine offer a new approach to training for the big run.  If incorporated on a consistent manner you can bet it will enhance your ability to perform at the highest level when you participate in the marathon. For more information please visit http://www.chrisdevinerunning.com

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