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Chris Devine Offers Marathon Training Tips

Chris Devine Offers Marathon Training Tips

Chris Devine is a noted expert in preparing the body to run in a marathon and has offered his tips for years.

In recent times more and more marathons have been established in honor of notable causes. Oftentimes people are very emotional about marathons that are in honor of various diseases like cancer and heart disease because they or a loved one has been specifically affected.

Although this is a worthy activity to undergo for all the right reasons, it is imperative to prepare your body for months leading up to the big day. Never is it wise to go from non-activity or even occasional activity to full-fledged running or even walking marathons.

Here are some of the major criteria he has recommended for training.

Beginners who have never participated in a marathon before should interview several trainers until they settle on one they connect with and feel they can trust. A really good trainer should not be brutally harsh but instead should be able to give an honest assessment of your physical strengths and weaknesses. This person should not be too sympathetic a figure.

Instead he should be tough enough to push you when you need it and wise enough to ease up when you truly are at your brink.

Your trainer should become more of a partner in assessing your goals and helping you reach them in a timely and effective manner. Good stretching techniques beginning with a warm-up session and ending in an effective cool-down are part of what Chris Devine believes are essential to preparing for marathons.

This is how injuries are prevented during walking, jogging, or running sessions.

Cross Training is another hallmark of his regimen for marathon preparedness. Swimming, cardiovascular activities, yoga, weight training, and nutrition should all be included in preparing for a marathon. Because it is so easy on the joints for people of all shapes and sizes, Chris Devine believes swimming is a great activity to incorporate in training.

Weight training is often overlooked or considered not a good thing for fear of becoming too bulky. On the contrary, when one lifts weights regularly, the benefits continue even on the days you are not lifting. They help you get stronger over time and can also help with endurance in the marathon. Heart health is what cardiovascular training is all about. Not only will walking, jogging, and running help strengthen your heart these activities prepare you for what you will experience on marathon day.

Other cardiovascular activities to engage in are dance classes or Zumba. These can engage other specific muscles that may normally lay dormant.

When you participate in new cardiovascular exercises it is often a shock to the system, but in a beneficial way. Yoga poses introduce new stretching techniques to the body but also are essential for the mind and spirit. This is an often-overlooked important element in marathon training. When the finish line is in view yet your body wants to quit, yoga will help you dig down deep to cross that finish line.

Last but certainly not least is the ever-essential element of nutrition.

Without the proper attention to what your intake is, all of the other training elements mentioned will not be as effective. Let’s face it, when it comes to food, admitting what we must give up in order to be successful in our marathon effort is probably the most difficult aspect of all. Chris Devine does not sugar coat this important element. Laying off the sweet and salty snacks, sodas, heavy doses of red meat, and processed foods during the marathon training months will assist effective training.

The nutritional benefits of adding more fruits, green vegetables, fish, and poultry to your diet during training will give your body the necessary fuel to keep going.

Finally, dressing in garments that allow your body to breathe and move properly and shoes that fit well, round out the necessary elements to effective marathon training. From having the right trainer, to incorporating movement, nutrition, and training gear, Chris Devine knows the necessary training elements. His tips will help achieve your ultimate goal of finishing that next marathon.

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